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Kevin Craggs :: Learn from Jason Day

Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Round Three

Jason Day is one of my favourite players to watch. He is a very orthodox player and, in my opinion, possesses a number of key skills to become a multiple major winner – now that’s a prediction for the future! – providing he stays injury free, of course.

Let’s take a look at Jason in four different aspects of the game: driving, bunkerplay, putting, and iron play. The aim is to pick one component within his technique that will help contribute to you improving your own game. Remember: whilst it is always good to learn from the likes of Jason, it is important to understand that we are all built different and, therefore, swing slightly differenty. As the saying goes: one size doesn’t fit all.


DRIVING Sometimes less is more

How would you like to hit the golf ball further? The key is to remember that, in actual fact, that ‘less is more’. Jason Day is certainly no slouch off the tee. However, notice at the top of the backswing the club is just short of parallel and his shoulders have fully turned 90 degrees. This gives him maximum power and control.


BUNKERS Keep a quiet lower half

Bunkers can be the nemesis for many – but the secret to better bunker play lies in this picture. Notice how Jason keeps his lower body quiet and the club continually accelerates through impact. It is very important that you allow the natural loft of the club to lift the ball out of the bunker and avoid trying to scoop the ball out.

 The aim is to pick one component within his technique that will help contribute to you improving your own game.

PUTTING Commit, then execute

On the greens, Jason invariably looks to read the putt from both sides of the hole to form a conclusion of the speed and break of the putt. After that he addresses the ball and commits to his decision and execution. This is a simple and effective process to becoming a more decisive putter on the green.


IRONS Keep your feet balanced

Hitting greens is key to lowering your scores. Sharpen that up and you’re on the right road. Here, notice how balanced Jason’s footwork is. There’s no sign of him falling back onto his right foot. If the body is in balance, the more likely you are to be in control of the strike and flight, which is key to better distance control.


Kevin Craggs holds PGA Advanced Fellow Professional status and coaches a number of tour players. For lessons, call Kevin on 08451 303 433. Follow him on Twitter @kevincraggsgolf

Originally published on bunkered on January 27, 2015.

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