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Try the ‘Flamingo Drill’

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Struggling with your 30-yard pitch shots? Then give this drill a go…

This is probably my favourite drill and is ideal for those who struggle to make the correct contact with their pitch shots.

The key to good pitching is in having your weight left at impact and this drill – called the ‘Flamingo Drill’ – helps create that kind of feeling.

Most amateurs shift their weight onto their back foot during the swing but, for a 30-yard pitch, there is not enough time to do this and transfer your weight back to the left.

If you set up like a Flamingo, however, and try to shift your weight right on the backswing you risk falling over. This drill encourages you to keep your weight left throughout the swing and pivot around your left leg which is ideal for creating crisp contact with your pitches.



Here’s a drill which was popularised by Soccer AM – the Saturday morning Sky Sports football show – and it remains a classic. Fill a bucket of water and place it ten yards away. Your goal is to land your ball in the water in the fewest shots possible.

The drill helps promote the correct visualisation and encourages your focus to be on your landing spot rather than your technique. Plus, to be able to land it in the bucket, your ball needs to be hit with the correct amount of flight.

A good way to improve is to record your personal best or challenge a friend. Be warned: this drill can be very frustrating!



David Patrick is an award-winning PGA professional and teaches at Kingsfield Golf Centre. For lessons, you can call David on 07773 427233. Follow him on Twitter @shortgamedoctor

Originally published on bunkered on January 7, 2013.

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