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Why it can benefit you – and your scores – to go with an alternative option

Effective course management is a key to maximising your scoring. Too often we stand on the tee of a par-4 or par-5 and automatically reach for the driver, trying to gain as much distance as possible. However, it pays to take a little time to analyse the strengths of your game and play to them.

Sometimes an alternative option might just provide a better scoring opportunity.

Rather than take on a strategically placed hazard that is maybe at the limit of your performance, why not lay up short of it and play a slightly longer approach shot from the cut grass?

Similarly, if short shots are not your strength, why blast a driver as close to the green as possible? Hit an iron, rescue or fairway wood to a preferred distance, where you can hit a more comfortable, full shot approach into the flag.

Think about your strengths, play some more varied, positional tee shots and watch your scores tumble as you plot your way round the golf course.


And another thing…

Struggling to get a dynamic movement through the ball and failing to finish in a nice balanced position? Hit shots with your right heel slightly off the ground, encouraging a full weight transfer. Ensure the foot turns up onto the toe at the finish for better contact and effortless power.


Andrew Jowett is the Head Golf Professional at The Gleneagles Hotel. For lessons, call Andrew on 01764 694343. Follow him on Twitter @andyj1504

Originally published on bunkered on October 5, 2012.

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