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Don’t just hit it straight on the range – try mixing things up

Making range time more fun and ‘golf course’ focused while preparing for the season is a key part of ensuring that you maximise your potential.

Having the ability to hit different ball flights and knowing your ‘go to’ shot are both fundamental to you returning low numbers.

Rather than solely focusing on technique on the practice ground, put aside a few minutes to pick a set target and attempt to hit different shots.

I would always recommend attempting at least a high fade, low draw, punch shot and high shot.

Note the changes you make in your set-up to attempt these shots and be aware of which ones tend to come easier to you.

We will all tend to lean toward at least one shot as a preference.

During the course of a round, where every shot counts and tensions can run high, having a shot you favour, that you know how to execute, and, more importantly, know how it flies and reacts, can prove invaluable.

That knowledge can promote comfort and sell confidence and soon allow you to use that ‘go to’ shot when it counts.


Too many of us attempt to smash the driver from the tee in a bid to gain those highly-prized extra yards, using every ounce of strength and endeavor in our bodies.

But hovering the driver at address is a great way to relieve tension in the swing, promote a smooth takeaway, set the club correctly in the backswing and allow the ball to be effortlessly swept towards the target.

As a result, it becomes much easier to maintain the desired rhythm that allows for long, consistent and accurate drives through the most efficient use of our energy.

Give it a try and see how you get on.


Andrew Jowett is the Head Golf Professional at The Gleneagles Hotel. For lessons, call Andrew on 01764 694343. Follow him on Twitter @andyj1504

Originally published on bunkered on May 4, 2012.

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