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Scots pensioner thanks friend who 'saved life' after cardiac arrest at local golf club

86-year-old 'wouldn't be here today' if it wasn't for old pal's quick thinking

86-year-old 'wouldn't be here today' if it wasn't for old pal's quick thinking

A PENSIONER saved his friend's life after he suffered a cardiac arrest at a Scots golf club.

Jim Stevenson, 86, was meeting his friend Alister Brown, 73, at Largs Golf Club earlier this year.

However, when he arrived, he began to feel unwell – and collapsed shortly afterwards.

Brown, a community first responder, sprung into action along with a retired nurse and used the golf club's defibrillator to restart his pal's heart.

"I walked across, took my jacket off and put it down on the table," the former teacher said.

"I turned around to say 'how are you doing?' but it was obvious that things weren't right. On further examination, Jim was not breathing.

"I instantly got him on the floor and started CPR. It was significant that CPR was started inside a minute, because as far as I could determine, he had just stopped breathing.

"One shock in and that seemingly did the trick because things started to happen and there were signs of survival," he added.

"We monitored the situation and the retired nurse, who was down at Jim's hand, confirmed she could find a pulse and it was getting stronger, so we knew we were on the right road.

"CPR was started very quickly, there was a defib to hand, and Jim's heart had a shockable rhythm. All these things came into play and I'm delighted to say it was a happy outcome."

Stevenson, who has since recovered, credited his friend with saving his life.

The octogenarian came round just as two ambulance crews arrived at the club to take him to hospital.

"I went to the bar, was puffing and panting," he said.

"I ordered two drinks. Sat down at the table, waited for Alister to come. I never touched a drop.

"I vaguely remember this image coming through the door, wearing a bright red pullover.

I then went blank.

"The next thing I know is, I'm on my back. I don't know how long I was there; I'm surrounded by Alister, four paramedics, two ambulances outside, and other people, all working to keep me alive."

"Life-saving work on the spot," he added.

"How lucky can you get? Alister is a first responder and a friend. If Alister hadn't been there, to use the defib, I wouldn't be here today. It's simple – this is life-saving work."

Brown, meanwhile, hailed the training he received in order to become a community first responder.

"My training was vital. I'd have to say, that if it had been one of my colleagues from Largs instead of me I'm pretty confident the outcome would've been the same.

"The group training benefits us all. CFRs are a vital link to maintain the patient's condition as much as possible and seek to improve it, prior to the arrival of the ambulance. It also allows us to liaise directly with ambulance control."

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